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Through accreditation a university and/or business school acquires an international reputation.



Higher Education has the power to transform our societies and boost development. Dr. Escobar’s personal mission is to promote growth, improvement and innovation of institutions and initiatives in the sector.
Dr. Escobar, the representative of the AAC in Latin America and the Caribbean has extensive experience in leadership, strategic management, innovation, and start-up of higher education institutions.
His experience derives from his roles as rector of a well-established University (El Bosque University in Bogota) and the challenge of leading a startup higher education institution (Latin American School of Engineering, Technologies, and Entrepreneurs).
Dr. Escobar is committed to ensuring excellence and quality improvement in higher education through adopting best practices, modernizing processes, innovating, implementing blended and online learning, supporting student success strategies and promoting digital transformation.
Dr. Escobar will inform you about the opportunities and advantages of going through an accreditation process with the AAC.





Dr. Carlos Felipe Escobar Roa
Representative AAC Latin America and Caribbean


Tel: +57 316 8740770
Skype: cf.escobar


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