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One of the most important mechanisms within the framework of the reform of the Bologna process and the US Guidelines for HE is the development and application of qualification structures for all areas of higher education and, in particular, in the quality assurance of higher education programs. The organization of a primary qualification framework and the national qualification requirements related to it thus promote and stimulate:

  • International transparency, by describing the degree programs by means of corresponding concepts and thus making the degrees easier to understand.
  • International recognition of degrees: The understanding of degrees and of common concepts in the description of capabilities and know-how form the basis for universities and institutions of higher education for mutual recognition of their respective study programs. Transparency and recognition.
  • The international mobility of students

In order to take into account the changing requirements for universities and provide reliable guidance to students, employers, as well as universities, quality assurance and accreditation procedures were introduced worldwide. The accreditation of a course of studies involves the guarantee of technical quality standards and the verification of its professional relevance. Accreditation can be awarded as a system accreditation or as a program accreditation.

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A university and or institution seeking accreditation with the AAC must meet the Agency’s requirements and demonstrate the ability to comply with its standards for accreditation.

The first phase is the Membership Candidacy. All degree granting Institutions of Higher Education are eligible for Candidacy who has demonstrated compliance with the requirements and standards required in the application which will be verified by the Accreditation Commission.

Membership Candidacy Status:

  • University and or Institution may officially start with the Program and or Institutional Accreditation process
  • Proven through a Self-report to be mature enough to start a Program and or Institutional Accreditation process

The Candidacy status won’t be published on the website of the AAC and the Higher Education Institution may not publish the Candidacy decision on their own website either. Unlike the full membership, there is no logo available.

A positive result from the Accreditation Commission decision on the application and Self-report enables the university and or institution to officially start with the accreditation process.

For more information on the application requirements please send an email to: Office@aac.cw

The second phase of the accreditation process is the Full membership. This is awarded to AAC accredited Higher Education Institutions, which have fulfilled all the requirements of an institutional and/or program accreditation.The Higher Education Institutions are published on the website of AAC and the Higher Education Institution may publish the accreditation decision and full membership on their own website and advertisements including the AAC Logo and the Certificate.

There is a distinction to be made between full membership for a higher education institution and full membership for an accredited study program of an institution. The awarding of the AAC logo stipulates that either a study program or a higher education institution as a whole has been tested and acknowledged for the highest quality standards in higher education.

Accredited without conditions – passed without conditions
Accredited with conditions – passed with conditions

Boardmembers & Staff

President Dr. Aignald Panneflek


(former Senior Policy Advisor, Ministry of Education)


Nelson Genaro Navarro LLM.


(Former Minister of Justice)


 Geneve Phillip-Durham, BSc, MBA, Candidate PhD


(Academic Dean)



Lysandro Inacio, MBA



President Dr. Sateesh Arja

(Executive Dean)



Sidiane S.O. Daal Laker MBA

(Lecturer University of Curacao)



Prof. PhDr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Christa Zuberbühler, MEd MBA MPA MSc

(Dean & Scientific Director Emca-Campus)



Sidayen van Tijs-Senora, MSc






Abigail Kramers – Eendragt, BSc

(Director AAC Office)



Pablo D’Elia .MSc

(IT Support)



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