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On Tuesday the 15th of May, the first AAC network meeting was held at the World Trade Center. Present at the gathering were several universities including Bircham International University, the Avalon University School of Medicine, Caribbean International University (CIU), KMU Akademie/Middlesex University – as well as representatives from the Ministry of Economic Development and of course the AAC staff.

The AAC will organize these meetings on a regular basis for the purpose of promoting quality assurance on the island of Curacao and beyond. Ms. Abigail Eendragt, BSc led through the meeting and key note speakers were the president of the Academic Board of the AAC, Dr. Aignald Panneflek, Robert Hieroms, MSc from the Ministry of Economic Development and Dr. Sateesh Arja, dean of Avalon University School of Medicine. Some of the issues that were brought up during the meeting concerned local higher education laws, quality assurance in higher education in the Caribbean and around the world and the specifics of accreditation procedures for medical schools.

The meeting was a great success and we are confident that these network meetings will be held more and more frequently in the future with an ever-increasing audience. We want to thank all that were present and as always end this short article with the AAC motto: Now is the future!

  1. Dr. Sateesh Arja
  2. Dr. Aignald Panneflek
  3. Ms. Abigail Eendragt, BSc
  4. Michael Grabner MBA
  5. Drs. Lysette Melfor
  6. Drs. Floris van Haren
  7. Dr. Vicky Trinidad
  8. Dr. Jude Reyes
  9. Dr. Stefany Santos
  10. Robert Hieroms, MSc
  11. Dr. Sireesha Bala
  12. Dr. Amin Fateh

(from left to right);