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The primary goal of the AAC – the Accreditation Agency of Curacao – is to promote and improve education in institutions of higher education and universities around the world. By working together with the AAC, institutions can establish and maintain high standards and criteria in quality assurance. The AAC will of course also provide guidance to institutions seeking to achieve accredited status, or seeking to have their study programs accredited. Our experienced experts will always carry out the accreditation processes in a very meticulous and thorough manner and at the very highest level.

An accreditation by the AAC serves the interests of:

Institutions of higher education: By ensuring that their study programs have met stringent standards of content and quality and that the programs go through periodic evaluations to keep current with emerging trends and the requirements of specific industries. Accreditation also ensures that institutions and universities will provide students with professional teaching, valuable qualifications and a positive learning experience.

Students: By helping candidates identify institutions and programs that offer quality education and by assuring them that as graduates they will have been provided with a study program that will enable them to perform a broad range of professional tasks and responsibilities in their chosen field.

Industries: by enabling employers to identify persons who have the potential for making lasting contributions to a specific industry and their profession.

The AAC is dedicated to developing dynamic, long lasting working relationships with institutions of higher education, and to work with them continually to ensure enduring, consistent quality over the long term.

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