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The Accreditation Agency of Curacao – the AAC – offers two basic forms of accreditation. One is known as institutional, and the other one is referred to as a program accreditation.

Institutional accreditation typically applies to an entire institution of higher education, and indicates – when approved – that the organization as a whole and all of its departments and offices are actively contributing to the realization of its primary educational objectives. The AAC assesses the quality of the system within institutions on the basis of the documentation provided by the latter and the results of an onsite visit. The goal is then, together with colleagues from the team of experts, to come to a final recommendation through an official report regarding the accreditation from the Accreditation Commission.  The AAC conducts this process with the transparency and professionalism that are necessary to assure a level playing field for all institutions of higher education that thrive to offer high quality programs in all fields of study.

Institutional Accreditation involves evaluating the Institution of higher education against a cohesive set of standards that provide the process for sustainable continuous improvement. The institution therefore engages in a procedure of constant review and refinement of its structures and methods.

Program accreditation normally refers to the comprehensive evaluation of study courses, such as BSc, MBA, MSc and DBA degree programs. A program accreditation has many benefits. For instance, the general public, through industry, can benefit by receiving high quality service from graduates of accredited programs. Employers also profit by obtaining the assurance that graduates from an accredited program have the competencies demanded by industry to meet current and future requirements. In turn, higher education institutions receive assurance from industry that their programs are high-quality and produce competent graduates, and by being encouraged to continually improve their programs to meet accreditation standards. Their faculty members also profit by receiving ongoing professional development necessary to ensure their programs are current with all requirements. And last but not least: graduates from accredited programs benefit by having the affirmation that their education has met industry standards, thereby adequately preparing them for employment.

The Accreditation Agency Curacao (AAC) is an independent and professional accreditation agency that offers not only a diligent program accreditation and institutional accreditation to local and international institutions of higher education which have taken the decision to accredit their organizations and/or study programs, but offers also double accreditation with a very honorable accreditation agency from Germany.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in having your institution or study programs assessed by our agency.

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