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The Basic Membership (BM) is essentially a membership without accreditation. To become a basic member, universities and/or institutions of higher education must first apply for basic membership and submit their documentation relating to their legal status/registration.

Basic membership offers the following:

  1. An initial consultation (via Skype or email) with all universities and/or institutions of higher education who would like to become basic members. During this consultation, the university and/or institution can request any information they need. Our office will gladly guide you through the process.

  2. Universities and or institutions may integrate the AAC membership logo into their website.

  3. Probable increased interest of potential students in the university and or institution and their study programs through the basic membership logo. Students prefer universities whose quality or status have been officially recognized.

  4. The university and or institution will be listed on our official website.

  5. Basic membership costs only 600, – USD per year.

  6. As a basic member, you can use the AAC platform to submit articles relating to your university or any other information, e.g. quality assurance in higher education.

  7. If you are interested in a full membership (with the necessary program and/or institutional accreditation), with the basic membership you will receive a discount of USD 600, – USD when you apply for any accreditation procedure.

If you are interested in becoming a basic member, please contact us via email: office@aac.cw.

We want to thank all our current basic members for their trust in our agency. To all our newest basic members we would like to give you a warm welcome.

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