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The Accreditation Agency Curacao (AAC) wants to officially inform you that it will not provide universities and or institutions with its Basic Membership anymore. The AAC has adapted its policy and provides now only Full membership to universities and or institution who wants to be accredited.

If a university or institution wants to become a Full Member (accredited) of the AAC, they must fulfill the requirements of the Membership candidacy first to officially start with the process for Full Membership.

Requirements for Membership Candidacy:

  1. Submit application form for program or institutional accreditation
  2. Pay an application Fee
  3. Create a Self – report

The application form and the Self – report are the bases of the application for Full membership (accreditation). The application for accreditation will be submitted to our Accreditation Commission (AC) for review. The AC will decide if the university is mature enough to start with the official accreditation process. Approval of the application, results into the official opening of the process towards Full Membership (program or institutional accreditation). The application fee will then be deducted from the total accreditation cost.

The Candidacy status will not be published on the website of the AAC and the Higher Education Institution may not publish the Candidacy decision on their own website either. Unlike the full membership, there is no logo available.

For more information please check out our website www.aac.cw and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at our office email office@aac.cw!

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