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The site visit by the panel of experts (PoE) to an institution or university is an indispensable and exclusive step in the accreditation procedure. Conducting a site visit to an institution during an accreditation assessment is one of several devices used by the Accreditation Agency of Curacao (AAC) to determine a program’s (or institution’s) quality as well as its compliance with all the required standards.

Because a site visit can often be exhausting for staff members of an organization, in this short article the AAC wants to give a few simple pointers in order to guarantee a successful and very effective visit.

Please remember to focus always on the self-assessment process. Be sure to always think of the fact that the purpose of the site visit is to be sure that your program (or institution) complies with all the standards set by the agency in question. Also, always try to make it as easy and simple as possible for the panel.

Continually demonstrate to the members of the panel of experts that you are willing to improve, how serious you are about assessment, and how you are using assessment results to make improvements in all areas.

Make a very clear and concise agenda that keeps the accreditation team busy. Do not leave the panel with time on its hands and when they arrive give them a very concise schedule that will keep them occupied. You equally need to be detailed and determined in everything you will be doing with them.

Make your guests happy and let them feel relaxed. Give the panel a pleasant space for meeting and working, prepared with computers, printers, and phones, and serve them enough food and beverages all day long. They will appreciate a comfortable and nice working atmosphere to do their jobs properly!

We wish you much success during the next site visit and hope these simple tips will help!

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