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The Accreditation Agency Curacao (AAC) is an independent and professional accrediting agency of higher education located in on the island of Curacao.

The purpose of the AAC is the promotion of quality assurance in education and professional training. The AAC has been established to accredit study programs at universities, universities of applied sciences, colleges, business schools, and higher education institutions all over the world. Although the AAC sees itself as a global player in higher education, our focus also remains of course very much on improving the education sector in Curacao.

The AAC has been organizing for the past year the AAC Network Meetings on a regular basis for the purpose of promoting quality assurance on the island of Curacao and beyond. The group of interested members is growing and from now the meetings will be called network meeting TTEC – Think Tank Education Curacao.

The AAC will be holding the Network meeting TTEC – Think Tank Education Curacao in the last week of November 2018. The main and always general discussion theme for this event will be “How can we promote Higher Education (HE) here in Curacao?”