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We know how important but also how arduous accreditation procedures can be for universities and HE institutions. We also know that accreditation procedures by different accreditation agencies require different measures, but that most agencies generally require the same documents.

For this reason, the AAC has decided to recognize program and institutional accreditation of other recognized and registered accreditation agencies from countries worldwide (the AAC will select which agencies) and to recognize their reports and expert opinions for further accreditation processes by the AAC.

The advantages are:

  1. Costs are reduced by up to 75%
  2. A site visit isn’t required – an online interview with individual representatives of the university (max. 2 hour each) will be sufficient.
  3. No time-consuming round of experts, since only the evaluation of the existing report with possible additions and the statements of the representatives are reviewed by an expert and the academic commission of the AAC.
  4. No time-consuming preparation of similar documents.

Let us make you an offer for further accreditation procedures. Every accreditation helps you to improve your image as an excellent higher education institution which prides itself on offering quality above all else. This is always the most important factor when recruiting students.

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