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Everything in life is always constantly tested and verified, whether it is your car, your house, your children’s toys, and so forth. However, how do you know if a study program or an institution of higher education is good enough for you? With a seal of approval from the AAC you can help students decide if a particular study program or an institution is good enough for them. This AAC quality logo makes it clear to everyone that certain quality standards of a university or a study program have been met. For students who find a wide range of opportunities for universities and study programs on the Internet and elsewhere, this is often the deciding factor in selecting one or another university. In all instances, an accredited university will always have an advantage over other institutions and will be acknowledged faster during Internet searches because of the fact that an independent body has assessed the quality of its study programs. We usually do not buy cars without certain warranties and guarantees, so why should a student enroll in a non-accredited university? Please direct your questions to our office administration@aac.cw We look forward to your queries and will answer all concerns immediately!