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The Accreditation Agency of Curacao is now looking for regional representatives and experts in accreditation processes.

The Accreditation Agency of Curacao – the AAC – was established in September of 2017 in order to improve and promote quality assurance procedures in higher education in the Caribbean and in Latin America. Although the AAC is located on the island of Curacao, the ultimate goal of the AAC is to provide institutional and program accreditations in all regions of the world. To this end we are now actively looking for representatives/regional consultants that will promote and endorse the AAC in their own countries and regions.

The responsibilities of an AAC representative will include the acquisition of universities, business schools, and other institutions of higher education for the AAC; Providing suitable advice and information to potential customers (universities, business schools, etc.) of the AAC; The moderation (this is decided by the AAC every time after the conclusion of an accreditation contract) of the accreditation process and the on-site visit with final protocol. AAC representatives can of course also engage in consultant activity that is independent of the AAC and is freely negotiated with the university and/or business school. However, the representative can by no means moderate the accreditation process during consultancy work and cannot be a member of the panel of experts in the accreditation procedure.

For the work of representative, standard European fees will be applied.

The Accreditation Agency of Curacao is also actively looking for highly qualified and respected individuals to add to our group of experts who will be working on the panels of experts in future program and/or institutional accreditations that will also in most cases include on-site visits.

Please feel free to contact the AAC if you are interested in being a part of our team! We very much look forward to hearing from you in the coming days.

Accreditation Agency of Curacao: Now is the future!