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The accreditation Agency Curacao (AAC) finds it important to be transparent and to keep our clients up to date with all our policies and regulations. All information shared with the AAC by universities/higher education institutions or by individual clients are confidential.

The AAC policy requires each staff member, Academic Board, Accreditation Commission member, Panel of Experts and Representatives of the AAC (AAC Team) to not disclose any information from universities/higher education institutions to third parties without prior discussing it with the Director of the AAC. It also requires from the AAC Team not to disclose any data or information about the agency itself to third parties. They must sign a member’s agreement which addresses different aspects from which the two following are very important:

  • It is self-evident for all members that there is a stringent obligation to maintain confidentiality and any transfer of information to third parties is strictly prohibited.
  • Corruption and dishonesty within the agency will not be tolerated.

To avoid conflict of interest, the AAC Team members are excluded from involvement in any accreditation process in which they have or might foresee having, a professional or personal conflict.

It is our aim, our goal to cultivate a team culture of respect, safety, privacy and of high ethical standards.

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